multi-functional processing auxiliary

Granol NWN is a neutral, nonionic wetting and emulsifying agent. Granol NWN is a universal scour for all types of fabric and can be used with or without alkali. 




nonwoven wetting agent

Granol LAN is a non-ionic wetting agent that can be used to impart hydrophilic properties to non-woven media. Granol LAN imparts liquid absorbency to materials that typically would be hydrophobic in nature, allowing them to hold large amounts of water.  



Silicone Emulsion

A highly active silicone emulsion designed to impart excellent lubricity to natural and synthetic fibers. Gransil 500 is very suitable for use as a mold release on plastic, metal and cementitious substrates.



Silicone Softener

GranSil HF 20 is a highly effective, durable silicone softener. Hydrophilic in nature, GranSil HF 20 is non-yellowing and can be used on a wide variety of both natural and synthetic fibers. 



Hand Softener

GranSil TD is a 100 % active silicone fluid used in thread finishing to lubricate both natural and synthetic fibers alike.




reactive silicone micro-emulsion

GranSil XL 20 is a non-yellowing, reactive silicone emulsion designed to impart soft hand and contributes to lubricity during wet processing. Compatible with most finishing auxiliaries. GranSil XL 20 is recommended for practically all types of fabrics, yarns and garments. 


Penetrant D

heavy duty wetting agent

Penetrant D is a powerful, nonionic wetting agent and penetrant used to wet out high energy surfaces. Because of its effectiveness at lower temperatures, Penetrant D is excellent in pad or cold-pad de-sizing, bleaching and resin finishing processes. 

Hydrophobic Stiffening Agent Non-Woven Polyester

GranRes 56CL

Hydrophobic Stiffening resin

GranRes 56CL is a cellulose stabilized polyvinyl acetate resin. GranRes 56CL provides stiff hand with better water resistance than commonly used polyvinyl acetate resins.