resin emulsion

GranRes 307 is a nonionic polyvinyl acetate emulsion designed to be used as a binding and stiffing agent for textile processing applications. The narrow particle size of GranRes 307 helps it to resist settling and creaming during storage. When used in hosiery finishes it will produce firmness and snag resistance.



Glyoxal Resin Emulsion

GranRez 725 is a highly concentrated, pre-catalyzed permanent press glyoxal system. GranRez 725 is a single component system designed to impart soft hand, lubrication and superior abrasion resistance. 



Elastomeric Acrylic

GranCryll EL-83 is a highly active, 100% acrylic co-polymer emulsion. In applications that use Lycra, GranCryll EL-83 is used to help maintain the elastomeric effect of the material. 



Hard Acrylic Resin Emulsion

GranCryll FF is a self-cross linking acrylic polymer designed to act as a binding agent while imparting resilient hand.  GranCryll FF forms an extremely stiff film and is highly compatible with a wide range of textile processing auxiliaries and finishes.