Whether you’re developing a semi-transparent deck stain or a high temperature bake enamel, Gransperse waterborne pigment dispersions are the perfect match for your coating system. We provide a wide spectrum of organic, inorganic, trans-oxide and oxide colorants for both interior and exterior applications. Our solutions are always ultra-low VOC, APEO free, non-settling and can be customized and color matched to meet your formulating needs.

Gransperse preparations can be poured or pumped using both manual and automatic dispensing equipment, making them suitable for in-plant and point of sale tinting systems. We put the time and effort into developing the right surfactant packages that will not alter the rheology of the finished product and allow for ease of addition.  

Gransperse solutions are compatible with a wide variety of water-based resins including epoxy, acrylic, and polyurethane. They can also be used to tint construction materials such as concrete ready-mixes, External Insulation Finishing Systems (E.I.F.S) and mineral fiber ceiling tiles.



For over 75 years Grant Industries has manufactured high quality processing chemicals that serve the textile and non-woven industries. Our Specialty Coatings Group offers solutions for the entire manufacturing process from de-sizing, bleaching and scouring agents to printing, dyeing and finishing systems. We also create custom coatings and laminating adhesives for a wide range of substrate including paper, vinyl and polyester. Our technical service staff members are experts at increasing processing line efficiency by providing cost effective solutions and identifying critical areas of improvement.


Our packaging line offers specialty water based primers, pigmented or non-pigmented clears, and formulated printing inks for substrates including paper, paperboard, foil, film and metalized film. Our full line of glycol free pigment dispersions offer a wide range of compatibility with water based acrylic, styrene butadiene and ethylene vinyl acetate emulsions to provide manufacturers with the flexibility they need to develop high quality pressure sensitive adhesives.


Grant Specialty Coatings has taken the time to develop a proprietary line of printing inks allowing us to offer our customers a broader range of solutions and technical insight. Based on our aqueous dispersion technology, GranInks can be custom formulated for flexo, gravure, rotary screen, hand screen and surface print applications. We also manufacture iridescent, fluorescent and metallic specialty inks for substrates including textiles, non-wovens, paper, vinyl and plastic.


Digital High Speed Ink Jet Printing is the fastest growing form of commercial printing and current trends show no sign of slowing down. Advancements in wide format in-line printing, direct to package applications and digitally printed textiles have revolutionized the way companies speak to their customers. As hardware continues to evolve the demand for larger formats, faster line speeds and exceptional print quality will be met by innovations in the development of high performance inks. Through strategic partnerships with our suppliers, Grant Specialty Coatings has developed aqueous ink jet pigment dispersions that meet the customer’s exact needs. We are committed to working closely with our clients and delivering technologies that add value.